Safetrak for Harnesses

Harnesses come in many types and styles but one thing they all have in common is they’re susceptibility to damage and wear. Safetrak for harnesses provides a rigid framework for harness inspection.

Track and control the locations of your harnesses

  • Plan, perform and report harness inspections
  • Minimise time performing inspections
  • Comply with legislation
  • Produce efficient & accurate reports
  • Eliminate paper records to write, duplicate or file away
  • Help protect yourself against accidents and claims
  • Reduce human error

Generate the following reports:

  • Harness register
  • Harnesses due for inspection
  • Harness inspection with history


How it works – Plan, Inspect, report

  • Periodic Harness inspections are planned on the Safetrak PC.
  • Planned work orders are downloaded to the operator’s handheld device
  • Each Harness is uniquely identified using an identification tag such as Nanotag™ The Nanotag tag displays the current inspection status to all users of the harness with the simple visual insert. (as per standard)
  • The Safetrak system works in conjunction with the tag to;
    • Control the use of un-inspected harnesses
    • Manage the assignment of harnesses
    • Manage and record the inspections of each harness
    • Handheld devices guide the operator through the planned work order, providing them with the location of each harness to inspect.
    • Once a harness is scanned, the system directs the operator through the inspection with a series of questions and instructions to collect data accurately.
  • Inspection results are uploaded from the handheld to your desktop
  • Compile and review timely and accurate reports
  • Reports can be automatically emailed from the system


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