Safetrak for Ladders

Safetrak for Ladders allows you to track and control the location of all your ladder assets and minimise the time spent planning, inspecting and reporting your ladder inspections.

Safetrak for Ladders gives you control of your ladder inspections, helping you:

  • Track and control the locations of your ladder assets
  • Plan, perform and report ladder inspections
  • Minimise time performing inspections
  • Comply with legislation
  • Produce efficient & accurate reports
  • Eliminate paper records to write, duplicate or file away
  • Help protect yourself against accidents and claims
  • Reduce human error


Generate Reports

  • Ladder register
  • Failed ladders
  • Ladders due for inspection
  • Latest ladder inspection
  • Ladder inspection performance history


Request a Safetrak Demo

  • Safetrak Planner

    PLAN Periodic ladder inspections are planned on the Safetrak PC. Planned work orders are downloaded to the operator’s handheld device. Enlarge Image

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    INSPECT Handheld devices guide the operator through the planned work order, providing them with the location of each ladder to inspect. Once a ladder is scanned, the system directs the operator through the inspection with a series of questions and instructions to collect data accurately. Enlarge Image

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    REPORT Inspection results are uploaded from the handheld to your desktop. Data is compiled and reviewed timely and accurate reports can be automatically emailed from the system. Enlarge Image