Safetrak for Lifting Equipment

Safetrak for Lifting Equipment

Ensuring your lifting equipment is inspected at regular intervals can be a major head ache. A number of factors make this necessary task a challenging one. There is often a large amount of individual pieces, the variety of size and shape is considerable, they are often used in extremely harsh conditions and their location tends not to be fixed.

Safetrak for lifting equipment can provide the necessary framework for a smooth and organised inspection regime.

  • Safetrak provides a full and detailed asset register for all of your lifting equipment.
  • You will be notified of up-coming inspections via detailed reports delivered straight to your inbox at intervals that you decide.
  • The application will help you plan your inspector’s time logically and efficiently.
  • Safetrak’s range of durable RFID tags will provide a unique identity and a fool proof link to the correct asset record. (Ask about Safetrak’s unique Tag51 and Nanotags both designed specifically for lifting equipment).
  • By utilising the hand held computer assets can be located, scanned and an inspection can be recorded quickly and entirely without paper.
  • Safetrak collates all of the recorded inspection data and then automatically updates your lifting equipment register, so no manual updating spread sheets!
  • Finally, reports and certificates can be produced from any web enabled device and from anywhere in the world.


The above gives you a flavour of the main features of Safetrak for lifting equipment. There are a multitude of extras that will further streamline your inspection process such as:

  • The ability to work ‘ad hoc’ i.e. record inspections against equipment that has no work planned for it.
  • Report equipment as missing or unavailable.
  • Add new assets in the field or decommission faulty equipment.
  • Utilise Safetrak’s ‘multi scan’ feature for large quantities of the same asset type.
  • Store attachments against an asset and view them on the handheld out in the field.


And to top it all, if your lifting equipment is held in a central stores or is returned to a defined location then why not use Safetrak booker to track who has what, where it is and when is it likely to be returned. An invaluable add on to Safetrak which completes the lifting equipment management process.

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