Customise your solution

Safetrak has some unique advantages that differentiate it from other more generic asset management systems.

EQUIPMENT SPECIFIC SYSTEMS & KNOWLEDGE: "Off the shelf" modules are available for a wide range of industrial equipment. And having spent over 30 years experience delivering visual tagging solutions to industry, we have unrivalled knowledge of safety, maintenance and asset management.

CUSTOMISE SAFETRAK TO YOUR NEEDS: To ensure Safetrak is fully in tune with your business, you can modify off-the-shelf equipment specific modules or develop new ones relevant to your needs.

Safetrak modules are supplied with a selection of relevant reports; these can be tailored to your requirements or added to with reports designed to your specification.

A web portal can be supplied that allows access to the Safetrak system via a web interface.  Primary uses for this are to provide reporting functionality to people who do not have the system installed, portals can also be customised to provide other functionality for example asset creation and booking in and out of stores.

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