Safetrak provides accurate, up-to-date reports instantly to your stakeholders – wherever they are in the world.

Safetrak records inspections on-location in real-time, reducing post-job administration. With the data instantly available you can report;

  • High-Level Summaries
  • Planning
  • Trends
  • Asset Registers

Reports can also be branded and customised specifically to purpose.

Sharing Reports

We understand stakeholders need to be informed of the historic and current situation. Sharing data and reports couldn’t be easier.

  • Send by email on fixed times
  • Acces Online via the Safetrak Portal
  • Reports can be exported to .pdf and .xls formats

Key features

  • Share reports and real-time data with your stakeholders
  • Access your data online via the Safetrak portal
  • Filter, query and customise reports to get the information you need
  • Export to .pdf and .xls
  • Brand and customise the report design to your specific needs
  • Includes report templates for Equipment Registers, History, Failures, Certificates and more

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Sample Reports

Here is a sample of some of the reports available. Please see our equipment applications for information specific to  equipment type:

  • Image placeholder

    Planning Report: Illustrates assets due by month and location allowing you to plan your work. Enlarge Image 

  • Image placeholder

    Asset Register: High level overview of your assets which can be filtered by location, status, etc. Enlarge Image 

  • Image placeholder

    History: See detailed histories of your assets life cycle. Enlarge Image 

  • Image placeholder

    Summary Report: See a summary of all assets detailed on the system. Enlarge Image 

  • Image placeholder

    Trend: A breakdown of the number of inspections you complete each week and month. Enlarge Image