Tagging - RFID, Bar Coding, Serial and GPS

Combining ID technology with equipment tagging, once a piece of equipment is scanned Safetrak will automatically show the current record for the asset.

Safetrak can also verify that the user has been to the location and the correct piece of equipment has been inspected.

  • RFID Tags (Radio Frequency Identification): A contactless technology that uses radio waves to communicate. RFID is recommended for use in rugged industrial environments. A variety of Tags are available that are resilient to wear, water, dirt, chemicals, etc.
  • Bar-Codes (1D & 2D): Recommeded for use in less harsh environments. As with RFID tags, these can be supplied in many labeling formats.
  • Serial Numbering: Recommended where automatic identification is unsuitable, Safetrak allows a user to manually enter a serial or ID number to start a task or query records.
  • GPS (Global Positioning System): Recommended when the user needs to confirm that they are at the correct location to perform work, such as site audits, tree inspections or security walk-arounds. Line-of-sight to the sky is required.

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