Scheduling Tasks

Ensuring your inspections, audits and maintenance procedures are scheduled on time with the correct resource can be an administrative nightmare.

Safetrak provides automated scheduling reducing the need for manual paper based processes.

No matter what type of inspection regime you adhere to Safetrak can streamline your process. Planning can take many forms and can be dictated by equipment type being worked upon.

Safetrak can schedule your tasks so;

  • All inspections due that month are scheduled at the first of the month
  • Every asset is planned on the day it is due
  • An area is planned on a particular day, week or month
  • A client's assets are planned on an agreed date
  • Inspections are adhoc and tasks are started when an asset is scanned
  • Every 6 months plan and ensure that all tasks are completed

In fact the options are practically endless - even if an inspection is not completed, Safetrak will prompt the user to re-plan the work.

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    PLAN: The planned workorders are downloaded to the allocated user's handheld computer when they login. Enlarge Image 

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    LOCATE: The workorder task list is displayed with asset details and the location to guide user to what needs to be done. Enlarge Image