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The Challenge

Preparing for a major shutdown, a large manufacturing company based in South Wales needed to simplify their Stores Management.

Their on-site Fire Department not only deal with emergencies and maintain fire equipment, they also manage all of the sites fire safety equipment such as breathing apparatus and gas detecting equipment.

With over 950 pieces of equipment in their fire stores, it was proving to be a difficult process managing and controlling the location and inspection status of assigned kit using a paper based system.

Their ‘clip board’ style signing out system used by staff and contractors wasn’t reliable. It was often impossible to tell who was assigned each piece of equipment, where it was on site, when it was coming back and if it was missing. It was also difficult to keep track of when equipment was last inspected and if the personnel requesting the equipment were properly trained to use it.

The Fire Store Manager said: “We lost all types of equipment using the old system. It was costing the department £140 every time an Oxygen Monitor wasn’t being returned.

“We couldn’t charge anybody for damage or loss because of the systems unreliability – anybody could say they’d brought equipment back.

The Solution

Safetrak Book In/Out – The company turned to Safetrak - the digital system to help plan, inspect and report equipment inspections.

Customised to their requirements, the company invested in the Safetrak Book In/Out module. Equipment can be assigned electronically from stores to a particular user. The Book In/Out Module also guides the operator through a series of checks to help ensure equipment booked out from stores is fit for use and informs operators when the next inspection date is due.

All of the site staff members and contractors are assigned security cards. These cards contain personal information about the user - such as their name, job title and whether the user is specifically trained to use certain equipment. Safetrak instantly cross references their details against the companies training record database allowing the store manager to refuse equipment if the user isn’t trained properly.

Each card contains an RFID chip and when a piece of equipment is booked out the user card is scanned using the Safetrak scanner. Information about the equipment - who has it and when it is due back - is stored in the Safetrak database and detailed reports can be generated at any time providing complete audit of this information.

Each piece of equipment has an RFID tag, which is also scanned out when assigned to a member of staff or contractor.

The Fire Store Manager continued: “95% of our tags are Micro Tags – they are absolutely brilliant. We’ve been able to re-attach them onto other equipment and reuse them. “We also use Tear Tags and Nano Tags, which are used on our breathing apparatus.”



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  • Tracking equipment location
  • Eliminate the cost of replacing missing assets
  • Generate detailed reports
  • See what equipment is booked out
  • See when equipment it due back
  • Increase employee accountability for assets

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The Results

The system was implemented in 2012 and has benefitted the service at the company’s Fire Department.

During a shutdown it is typical to see over 600 items booked out on a daily basis. Safetrak Book In/Out has reduced the long queues with its quick and easy process.

The Fire Store Manager commented: “Safetrak has been a brilliant investment for us at the Fire Department.

“Our last system was very hit and miss, there were different pieces of paper for different equipment - it was a mess and was just too confusing.

“Workers can now come in to the store, take the equipment then leave and we can keep track of it on the system.

“The best thing about the system is the reports we can produce.

Safetrak Book In/Out has enabled a more stable process when dealing with contractors who have failed to return equipment. Staff have to physically book equipment back in to the store with their ID, increasing employee accountability.

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