Pendrich Height Services - Book In/Out

The Challenge

Based in Scotland, Pendrich Height Services is one of the UK’s leading height access companies.

Their onsite equipment stores has over 3,000 pieces of equipment including ladders, harnesses, lifting gear and electrical assets.

It was proving to be a difficult process managing the booking out of equipment to clients and controlling its location and inspection status using a paper based system.

Using a paper based log system, the Stores Manager was having to write all of the relevant equipment information at the store and then manually input the data into a spreadsheet back at the office.

When equipment failed to return to the store, it was difficult to pinpoint the client who had last used it due to the unreliability of the system.

With no reliable system in place, Pendrich needed to find a better solution.

The Solution

Safetrak Book In/Out – Pendrich turned to Safetrak®, part of the Brady Corporation’s SFID Division (Safety, Facilities and Identification).

Safetrak is the digital system to help plan, inspect and report equipment inspections and maintenance.

Customised to their requirements, the company invested in the Safetrak Book In/Out application for ladders, harnesses, lifting and electrical assets. The Book In/Out applications allows equipment to be assigned electronically from stores to a particular user. The system also guides the operator through a series of checks to help ensure equipment booked out from stores is fit for use and informs operators when the next inspection date is due.

Each piece of equipment was issued an RFID tag which is scanned when leaving and returning to the stores. When scanned all information relating to that particular asset (the next inspection date, who has booked out the equipment and its location) is automatically updated onto the Safetrak system on the stores computer. The Stores Manager can access detailed reports at the touch of a button and share access to other stakeholders.



Height Access Services


  • Tracking equipment location
  • Eliminate the cost of replacing missing assets
  • Generate detailed reports
  • See what equipment is booked out
  • See when equipment it due back
  • Increase employee accountability for assets

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The Results

Safetrak Book In/Out has enabled accurate tracking of equipment and inspections along with eliminating the cost of replacing missing/lost assets.

The reliability of the system has resulted in Pendrich clients becoming more accountable when returning equipment – ensuring nothing has been forgotten.

Kenny Slaven, Stores Manager said, “Before implementing the system, it was taking nearly a day to write and input the data into the spreadsheet - Safetrak has saved us valuable time at the store.

“The reports we can generate are great and we also offer our clients access to the system to see what equipment they have booked out and when it is due back.

“Safetrak has been a great investment for the stores.”

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