What We Do

Safetrak for Machinery: What We Do

Safetrak is a digital system to manage equipment inspections and reporting for businesses who are still using paper based systems and want to improve resource performance and minimise costs.

A fully customisable and automated planning and inspection system, Safetrak utilises handheld computers alongside visual tagging systems, to deliver accurate reporting and information sharing.

  • Eliminate paper based inspections and reporting and substantially reduce administration
  • Manage equipment inspections, maintenance work, asset identification and location
  • Comply with legislation by providing a clear auditable trails of inspections and actions taken
  • Generate reports for equipment that is due inspection, has passed, failed, been commissioned and decommissioned by date
  • Control your stores management: Track equipment leaving and returning to stores
  • Increase accuracy: Handheld computers guide and record inspections, ensuring the relevant equipment checks have been conducted at location
  • Share up-to-date information: plan your inspections with your personnel, both in the field and back in the office.
  • Customise Safetrak: to your specific equipment and inspection processes

30 years of industry experience

Safetrak has unrivalled industry experience in terms of safety, maintenance and asset management. Through our industry experience and proven track record we are able to facilitate successful implementation of digital inspection processes.

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