Eliminating your paper based inspections

Equipment inspections can be a long, time consuming task involving countless sheets of paper, manual form filling and not to mention wasted hours of inputting data into spreadsheets.

Imagine a quick and easy inspection process with no paper. It’s simple – Safetrak.

Safetrak is a digital system which helps you plan, inspect and report your inspections.

Using RFID or barcode technology, Safetrak allows you to perform asset inspections using a handheld computer and manage planning and reports on the office computer. This technology provides accurate inspections - by scanning the tag it is proof that the inspector is present at the location of the correct asset.

The Safetrak system can either be installed on your IT infrastructure or is available as a hosted service.

How Safetrak works

Using the Safetrak system, inspections are planned and work orders are then downloaded to the appropriate operator’s handheld computer.

The handheld guides the operator through the work order, providing the location of each asset to be inspected. The RFID or barcoded tags are scanned to prove the correct asset is being visited and the operator will be guided through a step-by-step inspection checklist for each task. If no work is planned for an asset, information can still be recorded and updated. Missing or unavailable assets can also be noted and new assets found in the field can be added.

The inspection data is uploaded from the handheld to the Safetrak system. The Safetrak database automatically centralises all of the information and provides an up-to-date status and audit trail of the onsite assets. This information can be accessed online or an automated report can be emailed directly to you.

The benefits to your business
Safetrak increases the accuracy of inspections ensuring the correct checks for each specific asset are carried out. Along with reducing admin work, Safetrak allows up-to-date information to be shared both out in the field and back in the office.

The system enables you to comply with legislation by providing a clear, visible and auditable trail of inspections, endorsements, recommendations and actions.

Safetrak has over 30 years experience and has delivered proven, successful solutions to leading companies in all major industrial sectors including E-on, Magnox, Dow Corning, Hertel and Vinci.

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