How We Do It

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Safetrak works using a combination of:

  • Equipment modules: Ready made “off the shelf” modules are available for all major industrial equipment.
  • RFID or Bar-codes: To uniquely identify individual assets out onsite or in stores.
  • Handheld computers: Industry appriopriate handhelds which guide the operator through the inspection process.

Plan: Inspections are planned on the Safetrak® PC. Inspection routes are scheduled for your field personnel enabling efficient compliance. An overview of upcoming tasks is available and reminders can be set with the calendar. The work orders are then downloaded to the operator(s) handheld(s).

Inspect: The handheld computer guides the operator through the work order, providing the location of each asset to be inspected. Each asset is uniquely identified by a RFID chip or barcode. Once a specific asset is scanned and identified, the Safetrak system directs the inspector through a series of step-by-step checks listed on the mobile device, until the inspection is complete.

Report: The inspection data is uploaded from the handheld to the Safetrak system. Safetrak automatically centralises all of the inspections information collected on site, providing you with an up-to date status and audit trail for all your onsite assets.

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